New in AWR: Competitor Discovery tool
Revealing top related domains is now easier, with AWR's new
Competitor Discovery tool
Using a
specific URL
as baseline input, you can achieve up to 10 suggested competitor domains, based on how trustworthy their link sharing profile is, as referenced by the Trust Flow metric, from Majestic.
Choose the most relevant ones for your website and add them to the list of monitored project domains.
Monitoring competitors is
in AWR, and you can add up to 50 websites to one project, without worrying that more resources will be required for running ranking updates.
Option to change monitored URL
Tracking performance in time, even when domain name changes happen, is now possible.
You can edit the URLs tracked in AWR, both the ones monitored as main, as well as the competitor URLs, alongside their preferred aliases.
Updated Billing section
Managing the billing options just got easier, with the improved AWR section where you can perform actions such as:
  • Review and update your company details
  • Change the preferred credit card / payment option
  • Check when the next billing cycle is due
  • Review the subscription history and download invoices
Wattspeed - a free web performance audit tool developed by AWR
Looking to improve the quality of your web pages?
Take Wattspeed, the latest
web performance audit tool developed by the AWR team for a spin!
Wattspeed allows you to check your client websites, by performing snapshot audits to discover performance, accessibility, SEO KPIs and many others.
Run snapshots on the fly or register for an account for free and monitor your domains evolution in time, enable alerts or share your performance scores directly with your clients via a secure permalink.
  • Monitor Lighthouse and Core Web Vitals
  • Real-world data from Chrome UX Report
  • Page source analysis, technologies, request map
  • Link structure details: broken, unique, internal and external
  • In time evolution, with before and after benchmarks
... and many many more.
Wattpeed is an entirely free tool developed by the AWR team, dedicated for
web developers
digital marketers
website owners
Estimated Visits down at keyword level & Visibility table widget customization
New week, new improvements for AWR!
Estimated Visits by keyword
The monthly traffic estimates are now available down at keyword level, in the Keyword Ranking report.
The Estimated Visits metric is calculated considering 2 of the most important factors: ClickShare &
Google's Search Volume
. This is basically forecasting the maximum amount of traffic a keyword can generate for your website.
The Estimated Visits KPI is only available for keywords Top 20 ranking keywords, and changes are calculated with the previous period.
Visibility table widgets - custom metric selection
Custom metrics can now be selected for the Visibility reports -> Websites & Search Engines.
Unlike before, when all 24 metrics were selected by default, you can no choose which KPIs are relevant for your client and achieve a more focused performance overview:
SERP snapshot report: Page delimiter & monitored websites ranking positions
The SERP snapshot now shows the position you are your monitored competitors are ranking for, as well as a page delimiter.
Top Sites exporting improvements - dataset filtering, new metric & file format available
The Top Sites exports just got better!
Exports generated manually, from the interface or using the API now have new options, meant to streamline your daily SERPs analysis flow and make data processing easier.
New filtering options
  • By top URLs
    . You can now specify the number of URLs to export, for each keyword (Top 10, top 20 URLs, of choice).
  • By search engine / keyword group
    . Export the list of ranking URLs for a specific keyword group / search engine.
  • Possibility to include / exclude Ads
    (for Google search engines). Option to add / exclude sponsored results URLs from the list of ranking URLs.
  • By SERP Features
    . Possibility to particularly export a subset of URLs found ranking with a specific result type (such as featured snippets, images, local pack URLs etc).
  • New metric
    Pixel Position
    . While using the API, you can now export the pixel position indicator for each of the ranking URLs, showing how far down from the top of the SERP the listing is.
  • New file format: XLSX
    (compatible with Excel, Libra, Sheets etc).
  • Rich result type identification
    . The Snippet column will be populated with the following markups types, for the URLs where identified: Reviews, AMP & FAQ.
Exports generated from the Top Sites interface report will be generated considering most of the selected filters and inputs.
The Top Sites API documentation is available here.
March 2021 Releases Roundup
Happy to show you around all the AWR changes and improvements made available in March.
Insightful SERP snapshots
SERP snapshots in AWR now bring richer data and give you more options to swift through the information:
  • Title and Meta Description length
    are now displayed as you hover over each listing, along with other helpful info.
  • New filtering option has been added to quickly identify on the SERPs the websites you are tracking, either your own or the competitors'.
  • 'Jump to' shortcuts, helpful to browse the long SERPs and focus only on what matters.
Top Sites report improvements
The Top Sites Ranking view has been enhanced with a couple of new options:
  • 'Collapsed' and 'Expanded' tabs have been merged into 'Single date' for a friendlier representation of the ranking URLs in search. All previously existing options have been preserved.
  • When tracking Universal SEs, you will now also see if there are any Ads present at the top of the search pages. Naturally, these won't be counted as positions, they're only marked on the SERP to help you understand the SERP structure.
  • The '
    Pixel Position
    ' and '
    ' columns can now be added or removed from the report, as you may find fit for your needs. For this, a column selector has been included, just as in other menus in the app.
Keyword Ranking report improvements
The Keyword Ranking report was also added a couple of new options:
  • New metric available:
    Pixel Position
    , showing how far down each of your keyword rankings are from the top of the SERP, for Top 10 Google results.
  • A new filter is available in Keyword Ranking that lets you quickly see the keywords you are listed
    AboveTheFold (ATF)
    BelowTheFold (BTF)
    in SERPs.
Newly added to Homescreen
Homescreen has been improved to streamline your work a bit more:
  • New KPI available in the Performance Homescreen: Market Share, for a clearer overview of all your monitored clients' share in search.
  • The 'search in projects' function from your Homescreen has been updated and it will now only search through the projects names, not URLs as before.
Data export improvements
  • New export format: XLSX
    , available for all reports / application views.
  • AWR's
    Market Share data is now available to use in Google Data Studio
    , using the dedicated connector.
Hope you'll enjoy the updates!
February 2021 New Features & Improvements Recap
Lots of new features and improvements were pushed at the beginning of the year,
so here are the most important highlights added in February:
  • Fresh new
    AWR report templates
    ! You'll find a new, more condensed, and insightful report layout in all the pre-set report templates available in AWR.
The new templates can only be used for newly created reports, while your existing templates are just as you made them. Nothing has changed there.
  • A
    new report widget
    is now available to use for your reporting dashboards:
    Keyword Ranking Multiple Updates
    . With the Multiple Updates widget, you can highlight your keywords' rankings at different moments in time and analyze performance over a specific time range.
Performance tracking
  • The HTML SERP view is now much more comfortable to scan with the latest visual enhancements made. SERP Features indicators, results pixel height & above the fold marker have been added.
  • For the Performance view on your Home dashboard, you can now also include the
    Visibility Distribution metric
    that helps you make a more accurate evaluation of your organic visibility in search.
  • New options have been added for setting up ranking alerts. You can now set alerts for rankings that increased/decreased by a certain amount (%), to get triggered across multiple search engines, alerts that are automatically disabled after firing once, or that only get triggered for unique inputs at each update.
Data exports
  • With the Visibility API and CSV exports, you will now also get the Estimated Daily Traffic metric for your projects.
  • The Export Ranking API has been improved, with two new data columns being now included in the API export output: Local Search Volume and Estimated Daily Traffic.
New Search Engines
  • New YouTube Videos and YouTube Channels search engines are ready to track with AWR for all the countries we support YouTube tracking.
  • The DuckDuckGo search engine is now available for tracking for two new countries: AU and UK.
User Interface improvements
We are excited to share our progress with the latest update of the Advanced Web Ranking interface.
A more condensed, cleaner, and lighter look, will make it easier to slide through the tasks you are focusing on.
Here's what we changed:
  • Rearranged the top bar, now combining the logo section and projects list drop-down
  • The date picker moved up to the inputs bar, on the right, becoming a static component in all reports
  • Merged exporting options under one button
  • New "add" inputs button, so you maintain focus on the report you're at
  • Added visual tabs for sliding through the available display views of the same UI section
  • Redesigned the table settings button and moved it to the right-hand side
- Added sticky elements, such as the inputs bar, date picker & table header, to work easier with large datasets or sophisticated dashboards.
Plus, there are a bunch of other minor changes designed to improve your workflow.
[AWR CTR update] Google CTR in the time of COVID-19
So COVID-19 struck. That changed all our lives, our demand for search, and our behavior in the SERPs in ways we could have never predicted.
We expected reasonable changes in user behavior when it came to distributing clicks among the top ranking websites on Google.
  • How the CTR values evolved during Q1 2020
  • What shifts in user behavior caused these changes
  • Which industries were impacted and in which way
  • What types of searches were affected
Have a look at how the CTR changed in the first quarter of the year.
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