Chart notes for important keyword or campaign events
If you ever noticed a sudden performance increase or decrease in one of your keyword rankings or overall Visibility Scores, most likely, there's a reasonable explanation for it.
Either it's the direct result of your SEO efforts or a Google algorithm update, now it's easier to keep track and provide context for these shifts, especially when looking at a month's or year's worth of data.
, now available to add at keyword or entire project level, as following:
  • Globally, for the entire project, from any of the Visibility aggregated metrics chart
Rankings schedule delivery days: Monday / Day 1 / Day 15
Our customers' feedback has been heard and the scheduled updates are also available in the following days:
  • Weekly - every Monday
  • Biweekly - every 1st and 15th day of the month
  • Monthly - on Day 1
The former schedule, with mid-week scheduled updates has been preserved and is available as option for all users.
Setting up the preferred schedule is available from the account's General Settings section.
2FA for AWR account sign in
Keeping your clients' data safe is crucial! Now, in AWR, you can add an extra protection shield for your account by enabling 2 factor authentication.
Learn more about how to enable 2FA and navigate to the General Settings section of your AWR account to enable it.
Automated CSV exports improvements: new dataset Market Share & multiple customization options
Automated CSV exports just got better!
Choose the
type of dataset
export preferences
, and have the files uploaded directly to your custom FTP server, for easy integrations with 3rd party reporting tools.
You can now export 3 different kinds of datasets:
  • Granular ranking data
  • Visibility data - aggregated performance KPIs
  • Market Share data - top 20 competitors benchmark
Export customization options include:
  • Custom list of projects for which the export gets generated
  • Export type: overall performance or split by specific keyword group or search market*
*available for the Visibility & Market Share export types
  • Particular export selection
Once you set everything up, a new CSV gets automatically uploaded for each selected project, as soon as a new ranking set is available.
The FTP exports feature is available in the Connectors & API section of AWR, for plans starting with Enterprise monthly & all yearly-based subscriptions.
Useful resources:
New in AWR: Page Experience report w/Core Web Vitals check
Starting June 2021, Google announced that Page Experience will be considered a search ranking factor, as measured by a set of metrics called Core Web Vitals and other real-life experience measuring KPIs.
The Core Web Vitals are a set of three metrics designed to measure the “core” experience of whether a website feels fast or slow to the users, and so gives a good experience.
Advanced Web Ranking comes to help with a brand new dedicated report -
Page Experience
, so you can start measuring and improving your web performance scores right away!
Quick preview of the Page Experience report metrics
For now, the following widgets are available for the index URL of your main website, for both Mobile and Desktop user agents:
  • General Performance score
    - the overall performance score as calculated based on all Web Vitals checked metrics.
  • Core Web Vitals metrics:
(Cumulative Layout Shift) – detects homepage content shifts by combining shifts of all elements upon loading.
(First Contentful Paint) - marks the time at which the first text or image is painted.
(Largest Contentful Paint) – the amount of time it takes for a browser to load the largest block of content on your homepage.
(Total Blocking Time) – the length of time your homepage is unavailable for data input.
Speed Index
- how quickly the contents of a page are visibly populated.
  • CrUX report,
    presenting an overview for the last 28 days of browser interaction with your website, when it comes to performance and accessibility
  • HTTPS checke
    r - checks and validates whether your website is being accessed via a secure HTTPS protocol or not.
The wonderful thing about the new report is that it shows real-time changes in metrics.
You can make changes, re-audit your site and then see how the improvements affect the metrics before they actually start to affect users and Google rolls out the new relevancy algorithm.
New in AWR: Competitor Discovery tool
Revealing top related domains is now easier, with AWR's new
Competitor Discovery tool
Using a
specific URL
as baseline input, you can achieve up to 10 suggested competitor domains, based on how trustworthy their link sharing profile is, as referenced by the Trust Flow metric, from Majestic.
Choose the most relevant ones for your website and add them to the list of monitored project domains.
Monitoring competitors is
in AWR, and you can add up to 50 websites to one project, without worrying that more resources will be required for running ranking updates.
Option to change monitored URL
Tracking performance in time, even when domain name changes happen, is now possible.
You can edit the URLs tracked in AWR, both the ones monitored as main, as well as the competitor URLs, alongside their preferred aliases.
Updated Billing section
Managing the billing options just got easier, with the improved AWR section where you can perform actions such as:
  • Review and update your company details
  • Change the preferred credit card / payment option
  • Check when the next billing cycle is due
  • Review the subscription history and download invoices
Wattspeed - a free web performance audit tool developed by AWR
Looking to improve the quality of your web pages?
Take Wattspeed, the latest
web performance audit tool developed by the AWR team for a spin!
Wattspeed allows you to check your client websites, by performing snapshot audits to discover performance, accessibility, SEO KPIs and many others.
Run snapshots on the fly or register for an account for free and monitor your domains evolution in time, enable alerts or share your performance scores directly with your clients via a secure permalink.
  • Monitor Lighthouse and Core Web Vitals
  • Real-world data from Chrome UX Report
  • Page source analysis, technologies, request map
  • Link structure details: broken, unique, internal and external
  • In time evolution, with before and after benchmarks
... and many many more.
Wattpeed is an entirely free tool developed by the AWR team, dedicated for
web developers
digital marketers
website owners
Estimated Visits down at keyword level & Visibility table widget customization
New week, new improvements for AWR!
Estimated Visits by keyword
The monthly traffic estimates are now available down at keyword level, in the Keyword Ranking report.
The Estimated Visits metric is calculated considering 2 of the most important factors: ClickShare &
Google's Search Volume
. This is basically forecasting the maximum amount of traffic a keyword can generate for your website.
The Estimated Visits KPI is only available for keywords Top 20 ranking keywords, and changes are calculated with the previous period.
Visibility table widgets - custom metric selection
Custom metrics can now be selected for the Visibility reports -> Websites & Search Engines.
Unlike before, when all 24 metrics were selected by default, you can no choose which KPIs are relevant for your client and achieve a more focused performance overview:
SERP snapshot report: Page delimiter & monitored websites ranking positions
The SERP snapshot now shows the position you are your monitored competitors are ranking for, as well as a page delimiter.
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