Featured Snippets are now reported as Organic results
Google's Danny Sullivan has confirmed that webpages which will be listed as ranking with a featured snippet will no longer be repeated on the first page of results.
This change also announced that the Featured Snippet listed on top of the SERP will also be the 1st of the Top 10 blue links listed on page 1.
Therefore, we adapted our rank tracking mechanism to meet the latest Google updates, so that now,
Featured Snippets are reported as the 1st organic position in search
Duplicate an existing Project option
Regardless if you're after splitting one project to different frequencies or just changing tracking focus for one of the clients, you can now create more copies from one of the tracked projects in AWR.
There are 2 options you can choose from:
  • Inserting the project without the rankings history
  • Creating an exact copy of the tracked project (inputs + rankings history)
[AWR CTR update] CTR Study December Stats
End of the year CTR stats overview has just been added! Check out the latest changes in CTR in the article below.
Google Sheets integration for AWR reports
Uploading the AWR ranking reports directly to Google Drive is now easier using the direct integration feature.
You can authenticate with your Google Drive account and directly store your PDF and CSV report to Google Drive.
For CSVs, a direct access using Google Sheets is available.
The reports will be organized in Google Drive based on your client projects monitored in Advanced Web Ranking.
[AWR Release] Ranking Distribution Report
Ever wondered where your keywords are moving in the SERPs where going up or down?
Now, you'll know!
Besides, you'll be ready to draw conclusions over the SERPs movement, for both your client site and the competitors', suing the latest report in AWR: Rankings Distribution.
Check more details about the Distribution report in AWR in the following AWR blog post!
[AWR Release] Demo project for new AWR user acounts
Useful for new AWR accounts onboarding, the demo project will show you a full and complete data set, from rankings, historical dates and a bunch of cool stuff, right after signing up for your account.
Check out the sample data to get more familiar with some of AWR's features while your tracked project rankings are being collected.
[AWR CTR] Trends for the UK market have just been added
The CTR curve for the Top 20 positions is now available for the UK market, besides US and International based data sets.
Check out the amount of Clicks each position is expected to receive, depending on factors such as:
  • device
  • search intent
  • keyword length
  • industry
[AWR API Update] Two new and powerful Visibility API export enhancements have just been added
The Visibility API export just got better!
Two more enhancements have just been added:
  • Possibility to export the Visibility metrics for a custom
    search engine
    keyword group
    , not just the aggregated performance amounts.
  • CSV export where
    several Visibility updates are included
    . Specify the range start and end date to export the Visibility data in bulk.
Read more about the new API permissions in AWR's API documentation:
[AWR Update] Upload keywords and groups from CSV
You can now easily upload your targeted keyword set and their associated groups to AWR, using a CSV file stored locally:
  • When creating a new project, in the "Keywords" wizard segment
  • Performing edits to your existing keywords set, using the Keyword Settings section from AWR
[AWR CTR update] CTR Study August Stats
For the first time this year, the CTR values can be considered quite steady at a global level.
However, when narrowing the research down to an industry level, some values changed quite a bit.
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