User Interface improvements
We are excited to share our progress with the latest update of the Advanced Web Ranking interface.
A more condensed, cleaner, and lighter look, will make it easier to slide through the tasks you are focusing on.
Here's what we changed:
  • Rearranged the top bar, now combining the logo section and projects list drop-down
  • The date picker moved up to the inputs bar, on the right, becoming a static component in all reports
  • Merged exporting options under one button
  • New "add" inputs button, so you maintain focus on the report you're at
  • Added visual tabs for sliding through the available display views of the same UI section
  • Redesigned the table settings button and moved it to the right-hand side
- Added sticky elements, such as the inputs bar, date picker & table header, to work easier with large datasets or sophisticated dashboards.
Plus, there are a bunch of other minor changes designed to improve your workflow.
[AWR CTR update] Google CTR in the time of COVID-19
So COVID-19 struck. That changed all our lives, our demand for search, and our behavior in the SERPs in ways we could have never predicted.
We expected reasonable changes in user behavior when it came to distributing clicks among the top ranking websites on Google.
  • How the CTR values evolved during Q1 2020
  • What shifts in user behavior caused these changes
  • Which industries were impacted and in which way
  • What types of searches were affected
Have a look at how the CTR changed in the first quarter of the year.
Introducing a new position tracking model for universal search results
As SERP layouts continue to change, SEOs need to understand the visual placement of a result on the page and its relation to other results on that page.
In our position tracking, we are changing from counting each external link as one position to counting each element with external links as one position.
Want to see what changed and additional examples?
Find out more 👇
Chart representation and downloading options
Visualizing trends and performance in time is crucial when monitoring data on a long term.
Charts data can now be downloaded in multiple file formats, serving multiple purposes
New visibility metric: Estimated Daily Traffic and keyword granularity
The Estimated Daily Traffic allows you to visualize the maximum amount of visits you'd receive by day, based on an estimate formula computed using
and the
Avg. Monthly Searches
The metric is both available as:
  • A performance KPI in the Visibility reports, showing aggregated data by website, search engine or keyword set
  • Down for each of your keywords monitored in AWR, while in the Keyword Ranking report
Smart ranges for GSC metrics in the Keyword Ranking report
The Search Console metrics are now available for the selected date range, while in the Keyword Ranking report.
This becomes increasingly important when determining the search performance for larger time frames, such as 3 or 6 months.
Faster manual updates - 1h / 12h / 48h
On-demand updates have been pumped up with some speed! The new ETA for manual updates has been considerably reduced, so now, the following 3 options are available:
This is the maximum time range during which rankings are collected for the tracked project. However, the data set can be ready even earlier, depending on the project complexity.
The resources requirements remained the same, so you can collect fresh rankings quicker, at no additional costs!
Featured Snippets are now reported as Organic results
Google's Danny Sullivan has confirmed that webpages which will be listed as ranking with a featured snippet will no longer be repeated on the first page of results.
This change also announced that the Featured Snippet listed on top of the SERP will also be the 1st of the Top 10 blue links listed on page 1.
Therefore, we adapted our rank tracking mechanism to meet the latest Google updates, so that now,
Featured Snippets are reported as the 1st organic position in search
Duplicate an existing Project option
Regardless if you're after splitting one project to different frequencies or just changing tracking focus for one of the clients, you can now create more copies from one of the tracked projects in AWR.
There are 2 options you can choose from:
  • Inserting the project without the rankings history
  • Creating an exact copy of the tracked project (inputs + rankings history)
[AWR CTR update] CTR Study December Stats
End of the year CTR stats overview has just been added! Check out the latest changes in CTR in the article below.
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